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Vista Tools

Vista Tools are made for Construction Professionals,
by Construction Professionals.

Save your company time, money, and headaches.

Vista Tools & Products

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Vista Data Quality Dashboard

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Job Cost Progress


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Projected Billings


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Reconciliation Workbooks

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Vista Security

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Workforce Utilization Report

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DSO Financial Metric Workbook

Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) is a financial metric tool used to assess a company's ability to collect cash

from customers who paid using credit.

Having an overview of how your business is doing will make financial planning a

dream for any business owner.


Vista DocuSign E-Signature
Integration *NEW*

A simplified document e-signature process integration for Vista.

  • Reduce your administrative tasks.

  • Get the best of DocuSign with Vista by Viewpoint ERP software.

We have developed a DocuSign Integration for Vista by Viewpoint that reduces the administrative tasks associated with documentation signing. Merge the best of DocuSign’s features with Vista by Viewpoint ERP software.

If you're using Vista, you know that the current e-signature process is out of date and needlessly time-consuming. Manual effort and time are required just to obtain the signed document.

With the integration, the e-signature process becomes easy and never leaves 

  • Select report

  • Enter contact details

  • Click a button

  • Wait for the signed document

Productivity Tracker

Productivity Tracker

Customizable, Real-Time Forecasting for Project Management

Currently, Vista lacks the granular and real-time data to allow project managers to plan quickly and efficiently. Vista only allows for forecasting monthly, with no functionality for weekly views. This leads many Vista users to turn to create external solutions to see up-to-date data on a weekly basis. This approach is problematic as it causes repeat data entry and moves the system of recording outside of Vista into un-linked programs and applications like Excel.

To have their finger on the pulse, project managers need to be able to access real-time data on a granular basis. The Productivity Tracker pulls the most recent information into one spot and allows for weekly views with the click of a button, all while keeping Vista the system of record.

Productivity Tracker
Data Quality Dashboard

Vista Data Quality

Customized, Automated Data Quality Report

  • Have you ever seen a report with incorrect data?

  • Have you ever been in a meeting where no one trusts the reports?

Unique requirements and specifications for data make flagging discrepancies important. Vista does not have a built-in solution to ensure data quality. Currently, this process is repetitive, tedious, and painful as there is no straightforward approach using Vista alone. Data quality checks require the Vista by Viewpoint user to run a multitude of reports and manually flag any data quality errors

Olsen Consulting has developed a fully customized, integrated data quality dashboard that allows Vista by Viewpoint users to inspect the health of data at a glance.

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Custom Lookup Tool Demo

Job Cost Progress Entry

Intuitive Job Progress Tracking Spreadsheet

  • Are you avoiding Progress Entries altogether due to the poor user experience in Vista?

  • Do PMs ever enter progress against phase codes with no costs?

  • Or do they ever forget to enter progress against phase codes with costs?

Using a direct connection between Excel and Vista, we pull cost and progress data from Vista, provide an optimized approach for users to enter their job progress and with the click of a button, the data is pushed and posted back into Vista.

The JC Progress Entry solution is set up in an easy-to-understand and intuitive layout so anyone with basic MS Excel skills can succeed.

Job Cost Progress Entry

Interactive Financial

Generate & View Financials.

This Power BI report allows clients to seamlessly generate, view and filter their financial statements. Review financial statements in real-time and report earnings.

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Projected Billings Report

Generate & View Financials.

The Projected Billings Report assists clients in projecting the anticipated project billing amount. Project Managers can view contracts with a comprehensive breakdown of contract values and the projected monthly billing to the end of the contract.

This ensures that future cost projections are:

  1. Valid

  2. Contain the most up-to-date, relevant information

The “Contract Summary” sheet provides contract value according to different calculations in Vista and includes different fields.

  • Current Estimated Cost

  • Projected Cost

  • Original Contract Amount

  • ending Amount

  • Pnterfaced Amount

  • Approved/Interfaced Amount

  • Change Orders

  • Received Amount

  • More (custom to your needs)

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Reconciliation Workbooks

Compile Essential
Reconciliation Information

Olsen Consulting has created custom solutions that compile all essential reconciliation information into a single workbook that is directly integrated with Vista. This allows for information to be updated in real time and can be accessed within a single location.

Learn more about our Reconciliation Workbooks:

Accounts Receivable Reconciliation Workbook


  • ​AR Subledger to General Ledger

  • AR Subledger to AR Aging Report

  • AR Subledger to AR Aging by Contract

Job Cost Reconciliation Workbook


  • Job Cost by Month to General Ledger

  • Job Cost by Cost Type and Phase

  • Total Job Cost by Month to General Ledger

Accounts Payable Reconciliation Workbook


  • ​AP Open Payables to GL Trial Balance

  • AP Aged Open Payables Summary to AP Aged Open Payable report

  • AP Aged Open Payables by Subcontract report to AP Aged Open Payables

  • AP Retainage Summary Drilldown report to AP Aged Open Payables report

  • AP Hold Detail report to AP Aged Open Payables report

PowerBI Dashboards

Power BI

Intuitive Reports And Dashboards

Microsoft Power BI is a business analytics solution for teams and individuals. It’s easy to use, intuitive reports and dashboards integrate seamlessly with the rest of your Microsoft accounts​

This powerful solution allows you to visualize your data and share meaningful insights across your organization. Power BI is the leader in the magic quadrant, it's always being improved and is the best of the best.

Power BI offers a suite of solutions including:

  • Visualization or UX UI design

  • Report Building

  • Modeling

  • Power Query Querying

  • Publishing Data, Security and Data Governance

Power BI Optimization

Performance Improvement
& Cost Minimization

  • Do you ever find yourself asking "how do we speed up Power BI"?

Our experts are proficient in Power BI Optimization and are ready to help you get the most out of your business analytics solution.

Performance improvement:

  • Reduce the time to refresh data from a source;

  • Scheduled refresh during non-business hours reduces the impact on your business.

  • Using a data warehouse, (typically a copy of your OLTP system) ensures none of your precious data is lost.

  • Increase the speed of navigation through Power BI report (visuals, filters, tables updating etc.)

  • We do this by de-bugging and improving DAX queries, removing unused columns, performing incremental refresh operations and more.

Cost minimization:

  • We use Power BI Embedded to bypass individual licensing requirements.

  • We optimize the use/cost of various data sources (e.g. Synapse).

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Eliminate Paper-Based Processes

  • Do you ever find yourself asking "how do we speed up Power BI"?

  • Are you still using paper-based processes to collect and file important documents?

  • Struggling to keep everything organized?

Olsen Consulting created an integration between GoCanvas and Vista by Viewpoint to significantly improve your business's operation, increase productivity and reduce redundancies.

GoCanvas is a mobile-based document management solution that helps you save time and money by eliminating paper-based processes and speeding up data collection.

With this powerful tool, you can build, edit or customize your own GoCanvas Apps (mobile forms), and assign them to others at your company to fill out via their

smartphones or tablets; the data will immediately be collected and stored securely. GoCanvas gives you the power to gain valuable insights from your data by providing the functionality to analyze it with programs such as Power BI, Excel, Tableau and many more.


Vista Security Services

ERP Data Integrity and Security

  • Are your Vista security settings configured to allow for an easy audit, streamlined setup for new employees or maintenance for existing employees?

Vista has a sophisticated security hierarchy that can help gatekeep access by group or user which protects the integrity of the system. Security can be set up with great depth and detail which can leave you feeling overwhelmed by the maintenance and upkeep of your Vista Security architecture.

Olsen Consulting has consolidated all form and report security into one place to ensure that there are no gaps present when protecting precious information and data. Not only can audits and troubleshooting be completed in one consolidated location with discrepancies highlighted; all modifications and updates to user, group, form and report security can also be entered here.

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Workforce Utilization

Review Internal & Subcontractor Workforce Data

  • Do you need to ensure company and subcontractor workforce compliance standards are met?

  • Do you need to safeguard against internal and external audits?

Workforce planning and workforce utilization metrics are important to business and industry compliance standards. We have developed customized Workforce Utilization Reports for our clients based on all working parties' compliance and reporting requirements.

A dynamic excel report that connects to your Vista ERP system

  • Choose the job and load the report with the click of a button

  • Review metrics to ensure your company and subcontractors are meeting compliance criteria

  • This streamlined report cuts out contacting subcontractors for each job and instead runs automatically from Vista at your convenience.

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