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Robotic Process Automation

RPA allows you to configure software to emulate the actions of a human to perform a specific business process.


What's the biggest benefit? Our RPA robot never sleeps and makes zero mistakes.

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RPA Use Case: AP Unapproved Invoicing

The AP Unapproved Processing Robot was developed for a large North American construction company to fully automate the process of posting and validating AP invoices entered through Unapproved Invoice Entry in Vista. This reduces the time and frustration that comes with processing AP Unapproved manually.

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Paying someone to copy & paste?

In your business, opportunity identification and prioritization are the keys to any technology adoption across industries.


There's an opportunity for RPA if you are...​

Manually entering data from one system to another.

Manually checking the consistency of data between multiple systems.

Manually updating the same information in multiple systems.

Waiting for alerts or events to initiate activities.

Feeling like you don't want to do "these tasks" any longer.

RPA can complete human tasks

Olsen's RPA service solutions help organizations in any industry speed up processes while reducing costs, ensuring organizations are ready to deal with disruption and change.

Our RPA service solution enables:

Improved accuracy with zero mistakes.

Improved compliance to reduce risk.

Your team to focus on higher-value work.

Scalability with increased efficiency and productivity.


Use Cases for RPA in Construction

In the construction industry, RPA is often used to execute repetitive and rule-based activities. RPA is a powerful tool for automating complex building activities and reducing project costs and duration. Most construction companies are preferring RPA due to its versatility which makes it suitable for administration and in-office use.

RPA Use Cases in Construction:

Site cost monitoring

Billing operations

Invoice creation

Invoice processing

Database updates

Document management


Our approach


We gain an understanding of your business challenges and identify RPA opportunities.

Develop an understanding of your existing business processes and where RPA can excel.

We dive into your existing pain points and business process challenges.


Lastly, we begin developing and implementing your RPA program.

Automate Your System & Data With RPA

RPA leverages the user’s interface (UI) to capture your data and manipulate applications just like humans do. They interpret, trigger responses and communicate with other programs to perform a variety of tasks. 


This RPA service enables companies in all industries to automate applications and processes. Become more efficient with effective automated processes. 


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