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Pay When Paid

PWP enables a workflow that allows you to link AP invoices from subcontractors to the contracts already billed.

What's the biggest benefit? An automated and convenient workflow keeping you updated on timing mechanisms for when to pay subcontractors.


Have you thought about implementing PWP?

Currently, there’s no way to link subcontractors with your existing customers and without notifications, it's difficult to know when to pay subcontractors.

A PWP workflow allows you to link AP invoices from your subcontractors to the contracts already billed.


Unsure when to pay your subcontractors?

Currently, Vista doesn't have the functionality to link subledger AP invoices that are PWP to job billing invoices. This causes uncertainty about when to pay your subcontractors.

PWP is the right solution if...

All subledger AP invoices are tied to one contract item.

Notifiers are not in place for when to pay your existing bills.

Manual tracking of invoicing and payments.

Have a workflow that works for you

It's time for you to implement a customized PWP workflow that works for your business processes. This efficient and effective custom workflow provides you with the confidence for job billings and timing mechanics.

This PWP service solution enables...

A customized workflow based on your needs.

Notifications of when to pay subcontractors.

Link subledger AP invoices to job billing invoices.


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