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Security Workbook for Vista by Viewpoint

Keep your system forms, reports and data protected and secure.


The Security Workbook Provides Vista Users with the Tools Needed to Secure Their System Data

Consolidated all form, report, and data security records into one place to help ensure that there are no gaps present when protecting precious information.

Form, Report, and Data Security

Employee Data​

Job Data

Contract Data

Company Data

PR Groups



Are You...

Overwhelmed with Vista Security maintenance? Such as, who has access to what, security setup for new users, troubleshooting and identification of access issues.

Do you lack visibility on user access to forms, reports and data in Vista?

Are you able to easily manage access across users and groups?

Does your Vista Security architecture allow for simple setups of new employees and maintenance of existing employees?

Let's Fix That

Security setup options in Vista are detailed and complex leaving administrators overwhelmed by maintenance and upkeep.


The Security Workbook enables:

Efficient audit and transparency of overall setup.  

Identify access to high-risk forms and data.

Identify redundant access (to same forms, reports or data through multiple groups or user levels).  

Identify inactive user access and over and under access.

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Reduce The Risks

Reduce the risks of purging company data and non-recovery.

Mitigate disconnection possibility of key functions within the ERP system which takes weeks of reconciliation to fix.

Reduce fraud risk by understanding who has access to high-risk forms and using the information to make changes to access in Vista.

Reduce system integrity compromises from user error or accidental entries, modifications, or deletion in forms.

Why Security Workbook?

Security Workbook for Vista provides detailed user and group security setups for forms, data, and reports within Vista. The Security Workbook is offered as one of Olsen's Vista Excel Integration Workbooks for Vista.

Security giving you a headache?

Security setup and maintenance are time-consuming and frustrating, especially when access issues arise.  

It's complicated to monitor access with the mix of user and group level and global access available for forms and reports.

Lack of visibility and simplicity to easily review security levels in a centralized location. 

Users have too much access and can see confidential information or pose a system integrity risk due to human error. 

Easier Security Setup & Maintenance

A centralized workbook that provides Vista security visibility across the organization.  

Aid with auditing through visibility and oversight of data and information. Highlighting shows if access differs from full access or of high-risk forms.

Consolidate all form and report security in one place with no gaps in the protection of information and data. 

Review highlighted discrepancies and complete troubleshooting from within the workbook.

Improve security, faster

Save time with quick and effective security setup, maintenance, and troubleshooting.

Keep insights centralized. Gain visibility to review security levels in one location for full transparency. 

Automated with Vista. This two-way integration allows you to easily pull data and push changes into Vista. 

By taking the time to implement proper security measures, you can help protect yourself and your business from harm. 

Where do I start?

Do you feel like your company can benefit from utilizing Olsen's Security Workbook services?

Let's save time and eliminate security headaches to create more efficient, effective, and convenient operations for your business.

Let's get started. Schedule a time and date with one of our Olsen experts below.

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