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Founder & CEO

Jon is a certified Viewpoint Consultant specialising in providing implementation support for those using or moving to Vista by Viewpoint ERP construction software.

Jon provides business process improvement and industry best-practice guidance to those in the construction industry.

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Vinayak has significant experience in data visualization, database development, programming, business intelligence, robotics process automation and analytics consulting. Vinayak’s work has resulted in increased efficiency for his clients, and improvements in data analysis, reporting and business intelligence best practices.




Katherine graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce with honours from the Edwards School of Business at the University of Saskatchewan. She then spent time with two different engineering firms where she provided value through her marketing and branding expertise and along the way developed a passion for conducting proposals. Her goal is to inform potential clients of our value and how it will transform their organizations.

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Marketing and HR Coordinator

Lisa graduated with a Bachelor of Communications and Media Studies from the University of Calgary. She is passionate, creative, cross-functional and results-driven. Keen on developing marketing strategies and forming strong relationships with others. Her goal is to create meaningful connections to ensure a positive internal and external company experience and to develop brand awareness.     



Data Analyst

David graduated with a Bachelor’s in Mathematics and a concentration in Statistics from the University of Calgary. He excels in data analysis, visualization, model building, and business intelligence and hopes to create insight and help clients make data-driven decisions.



Data Analyst

Sunny is a business development professional, currently completing a MSc in Computing Science with a major in Machine Learning / Data Science from the University of Alberta. He is highly experienced in Business Intelligence and Data Science with a demonstrated history of working in retail, pharmaceuticals, consumer brands and agriculture. He has expertise in Power BI Embedded and Premium and is skilled in Python & R for data science, predictive analytics and modelling, SQL Server 2017 advance analytics, business analytics; SSRS, SSIS, SSAS, Django Python and ASP.NET.

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Gillian has experience and expertise in development and management of database and reporting systems, with over 12 years of work experience in the project controls field. She is devoted to saving resources, time and money, while providing valuable information to streamline operations. Her goal is to create automated and customized solutions for clients in order to increase user productivity and efficiency.