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ERP Implementation Done Right

Did you know that roughly 75% of ERP project implementations fail?


Our proven success approach for phase 1 - 4 implementations and specialize in ERP rescue implementations. Olsen consultant experts are here to help you every step of the way.


Why ERP Implementations Fail

Lack of business process management

Improper data migration

Inadequate team resources

Insufficient end-user training and support

Lack of customization to meet needs

Poor change management

The horror stories of an improperly implemented ERP solution can create organizational disruption, budget overruns, project delays, stoppage, or worse – a break in business performance, resulting in lost revenue or customers.


Failed implementations can require years of backtracking and cost millions of dollars before you start to see any return on investment. 


Success Starts Here

A successful ERP implementation blueprint starts with people. With 10 years of construction technology experience and working with a wide range of contractors, we understand the nuances of ERP implementation and how to effectively build an ERP platform.

We begin with your team by conducting interviews, a systems inventory and gap analysis. We gain insights to create a project blueprint that leaves you confident and successful.

Which phase are you currently in?

ERP Phases.png

Vista Familiarity 0 - 6 months

You have implemented basic modules of ERP systems like finance, HR, manufacturing, supply chain management, and customer relationship management.

You are still reliant on your old system for day-to-day processing.

Your basic month-end processing and reconciliation processes understood and implemented.

Vista Familiarity 1 - 2 years


You have reviewed phase 1 implemented modules.


You are fine-tuning your phase 1 setup and optimizations of daily transactions.


You are about to begin implementing the remaining ERP modules.

Vista Familiarity 1 - 2 years


You are in the process of developing ERP enhancements, automation, and optimization.

You have increased the importance of accuracy and streamlined operations.

Your existing implementation partner should fully understand your business processes and systems to provide a growing solution.

Vista Familiarity 2 years


You have applied advanced and complementary technologies such as machine learning, robotic process automation, and artificial intelligence.

This is where you want to be to reach operational efficiency.

Talk to our team to reach ERP success.

This is where you can really start leveraging the capabilities of Vista. 



The Right Partner Leads to Success

Engineer on Tablet_edited_edited.png

Are you looking for an ERP implementation expert for Vista? Olsen provides start-to-finish and rescue implementations to resolve setup issues, processes, and training.

Our phased ERP implementation approach helps:

Drastically increase efficiency and productivity.

Save money on unnecessary costs. 

Improve security and accessibility.

Make your business more agile and responsive. 

How do you measure implementation success?

The best practice is to identify a series of key performance indicators against which you can gauge your progress and outcomes. Some examples of goals and associated KPIs for an ERP implementation include: 




Our 4-phased approach helps you resolve issues regarding set-ups, training, and processes. You don't have to live with a failed or half-done implementation any longer. Experience true financial and operational success and full confidence in your ERP system.

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