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Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Use your data to reach operational efficiency.

Digital construction plan

How will you apply machine learning?

Production optimization 

Job site safety

Demand prediction

Risk mitigation

Predictive maintenance

Resource exploration

Grid management

Demand response

Capacity management

Data Science Project Phases


In our first phase of an ML project, we outline strategic goals. We match the problem with the solution, define the scope of work and plan the development.

Dataset Preparation & Processing

The second stage of project implementation is complex and involves data collection, selection, pre-processing, and transformation. Each of these phases can be split into several steps.

Dataset Splitting

A dataset used for machine learning should be partitioned into three subsets — training, test, and validation sets.


Model exploration, refinement, evaluation, deployment then maintenance.

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Data-Driven Performance

Predictive maintenance
Production Optimization
Operations Management
Health and Safety


About Us

Olsen Consulting is a team of management consultants specialized in applied advanced technologies. We work with clients in the construction, energy and natural resources sectors across North America.

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