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Integrated eSignatures for Vista by Viewpoint

Automate the creation, routing & tracking of all documents with the first fully-integrated eSignature solution for Vista.

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Integrate Your Signature Process with Your Vista By Viewpoint ERP

Your company's ROI relies on efficiency. Mitigate the risk of fraud, save time, money, and hassle through an integrated eSignature process for Vista By Viewpoint

Are you...

  • Overwhelmed by hundreds or more documents to keep track of in your inbox?

  • Worried about the risks you face in the situation that an auditor asks you to find all documents with verified signed dates and signatories for a specific project?​

  • Losing out on quality time to the current Create & Send process of downloading, printing, signing, scanning, uploading, and attaching your documents?

  • Struggling to find an efficient way to track documents as they’re routed through your e-signature workflow? 

  • Worried about the lengthy & gruelly manual process that comes in the case of an audit?

Vista By Viewpoint eSignature integration features:

Sign From Almost Anywhere

View Document Statuses Instantly

Maximize your business's & client's efficiency with easy to use eSignature app. Allowing documents to be read and signed on the go. All the while integrating seamlessly with Vista By Viewpoint.

Always know the statuses of your documents in the signing process. Additionally, experience the ability to set up notifications & reminders every step of the way.

Close Business Faster

The simple eSignature processes decrease the manual steps needed and generate a quicker response time from your clientele or vendor.

Compliant Secure

Most integrative platforms meet the required laws of Canada, US, Eu and global standards.

Discover Actionable Data

Gain access to insights within your signed documents to inform how to optimize your documents.

Reusable Templates

Save time by standardizing the process of frequently used documents.

How will you use eSignature





PM Subcontracts

Change Orders

Human Resources

Standard Create and Send Templates

Custom Templates


About Us

Olsen Consulting is a Viewpoint Partner and leader specializing in optimizations and integrations for construction ERP software. Olsen is the first company to successfully integrate an eSignature option using DocuSign for Vista that seamlessly works with the Create & Send process.

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The leaders in specialized integrations for construction ERP Softwares

Customizations Unique to your Business

Integrations are developed for your company’s e-signature process and ERP to match your unique business processes and requirements.

Ongoing Support

Annual upkeep of the e-signature integration to stay current with Vista by Viewpoint and your company's systems and processes.

Catered Licensing Options

Receive flexible licensing options to match your business goals.

Team Training

Olsen provides team training to ensure effective implementation and utilization of the integration.

Results You Can Rely On

Eliminate Manual Signatures & Uploads. An eSignature integration can be used for all the daily paper-based workflows.

5X faster subcontractor onboarding. Accelerate construction projects. *DocuSign

Save money on administrative support.

Improve contractor, subcontractor, vendor and customer experience.

Seamless integrations data merge between your e-signature platform & Vista by Viewpoint.

83% of agreements are completed in less than a day, and 50% in less than 15 minutes. *DocuSign

$51 is the average savings per the agreement, by reducing hard costs and improving employee productivity. *DocuSign

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