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GoCanvas is a mobile application that can be integrated into Viewpoint to allow the client to collect GPS information to ensure haul cards are properly submitted. Our client realized that the information from GoCanvas was being improperly integrated into Vista by Viewpoint, resulting in a weekly Excel report that was over 1000 lines long. GoCanvas was supposed to make accounting easier, but instead led to an employee spending four days every week reducing a massive file into a usable format.

Our CEO and founder, Jon Olsen, sat down with the accountant tasked with manipulating the document. Within two minutes, he understood that it was a simple data transformation issue. The original process was approximately 20-30 steps that the accountant had to undertake manually each week. Olsen Consulting created a data transformation file that ingested the un-formatted sheet from the particular data source (in this case, GoCanvas) and transformed it into an up loadable format for their ERP. From then on, all our client had to do was export the file from the GoCanvas app, save it in a particular folder, change the data source and refresh the file.

Olsen Consulting employs expert consultants to assist you with all of your Vista by Viewpoint implementation, customization, and reporting needs. Don't see something on the list? Book a free consultation and see how Olsen Consulting can help your business.

Software Implementations

Olsen Consulting can help with the project management of an implementation, and help your organization develop processes and manuals to properly integrate Vista with existing tools. 

Post Go-Live Improvements

If you are experiencing challenges after your initial implementation, we can create additional Vista modules and streamline import routines from your other software. 

Product Training

Additional training on Vista by Viewpoint is provided by Olsen Consulting to assist with particular challenges that you and your team may be facing. Training can be conducted live or remotely. 

Remote Administration

Olsen Consulting can step in when your organization needs someone to administer your Vista environment. We can help with the day-to--day tasks that will allow you to get the most from your Vista software.


Require personalized changes to your Vista by Viewpoint environment? Olsen Consulting can create custom User Database models, custom fields and lookups to suit the needs of your business. 

Report Development

One of our areas of expertise at Olsen Consulting is the creation of Custom reports.  We use Crystal Reports, SSRS and Microsoft Power BI to meet our client's needs.

Professional Coaching and Mentoring

Vista by Viewpoint is a powerful tool that can optimize your company's accounting and business processes. Olsen Consulting can help you integrate this software into your business practices at all levels of your organization.

Remote Support

Olsen Consulting can provide immediate support during those moments that you need a quick fix. We are qualified to provide front-line support for all issues that might impact your Vista by Viewpoint environment.