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Your Consulting Team

When you’re looking to get the most out of your ERP and construction technology, you need a team that is as committed to your success as you are.

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"In half an hour of free consultation time, Jon was able to answer and resolve the questions I was spending several hours trying to find."

-Control Technologies Inc.

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About Olsen

Olsen Consulting is your team of ERP, Vista, and Construction Technology experts. We emphasize partnership and collaboration when working with clients to ensure their success is fully supported. Our team of experts is committed to providing excellent solutions that push the boundaries of what is possible for Construction Technology and ERPs.

Our goal: To be your partner in achieving improved profitability through technology innovation and process improvement.

Say goodbye to wasted time and poorly-integrated software systems, and say hello to Olsen!

ERP Systems Don’t Have to Be Hard

Save time and money with Olsen Consulting

Services To Guide You Every Step Of The Way

Custom Solutions

We create customized solutions to ensure Vista is working for you at optimal efficiency.


As Vista By Viewpoint experts, our team will help you & your employees select, optimize and utilize your tools for optimum results

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Maximize the ROI from your software implementation. Experience true financial and operational success after investing in Vista by Viewpoint

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